PVC table coating

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PVC Embossed Table Coating


Width: 138cm / 140cm
Length: 25m / 30m
Fluorescent PVC Thickness: 0.15~0.25mm
Nonwoven Grammage: 25~60 grams per square meters


Uniqueness: Fluorescent and Super Luxurious; Use Enduring and Healthier--keep us away from touching printing ink on the surface of tablecloth. Ideal for table decorating!


Features: Water Proof, Easy Care, Wipe Clean, Good Printing, Comfortable Feeling.


Packing Method: For tablecloth by roll, pack with clear PVC sheet; Two Customized Label at each end of the roll; Use Paper-Adaptor to enclose each end of the roll, which makes the roll to be good looking; For ready made tablecloth, pack as you request.